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Learning To Read By Singing 


“I can think of no happier gifts that teachers / parents / grandparents  

can give to themselves and to children than those that offer reading 

interests and skills achieved through singing.”


Sheila Fitzgerald, Ph.D, Professor Emerita

College of Education at Michigan State University



Pictures are examples of  the “lap method” of learning to read in the 

loving  lap of  family  members.  James Moffett, leading language arts 

specialist , felt this “lap method” is powerful as it teaches  children 

oral and  reading language in a relaxing, interesting ,and very 

enjoyable way.  Later children show  a  love of reading and they gather 

books and sit  down and read/sing to themselves or  their  dolls…. 

modeling what  they   have just  experienced.


Dianne has  used  many of her  children’s  songs ( many composed with  

input from children )  to help meet  curriculum  literacy  objectives in 

schools  across the  U.S.  ( see  testimonials “About Songs Alive” page)  

Ms. Baker worked with  students  involving them in learning new , 

interesting, and fun songs integrating the language  arts of  listening, 

speaking (singing), reading and writing as Bill  Martin, a well-known  

language arts specialist   stressed.  ( see  Dr. Sheila Fitzgerald’s article 

“Discovery Approach Helps Children to Read).  Students  enjoyed 

learning the songs  by  rote , seeing the lyrics written on a chart, 

reading and  singing  the lyrics in phrases, discussing the story 

and use of words and later  writing out the lyrics  themselves.  

Dr. Sheila Fitzgerald  named this process  the ” discovery method” of  

learning (with the “d” being a music note).  When time permitted , Dianne  

would  guide  the  students  through the creative process of  lyric  writing 

and give them the opportunity to write down their  ideas and  compose new 

 verses which they proudly  sang (sometimes in a wonderful culminating 

program they performed for other classes or the entire school).  Many  

times the students  drew  pictures  relating to the song. 


“Mister Frog, You  Just  Think You’re Smart”  a children’s book with audio 

book and the song by Dianne Baker with illustrations by Samantha Sethi

and  “Wish I Had A Pet”   have been used  extensively in many 

school districts  across  U.S. to help students experience the creative 

process of being  a lyricist and creating  their  own stories. ( both  songs  

are on  the  CD  “Mr. Frog and Friends”)  


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