Music Intervention
is the clinical and evidence-based use of music to accomplish individualized goals that may include: motor skills, 
social/interpersonal development and coping skills, cognitive development, self-awareness, spiritual enhancement 
and specific health care goals such as lowering blood pressure, pain and anxiety 
while obtainingan energizing feeling of well-being.
Empowerment Group Drumming
Research has shown that benefits from drumming can be accessed by all people for 
rehabilitation, maintenance and advancement of personal health and wellness.
Dr. Barry Bittman, neurologist and CEO of Mind-Body Wellness Center in Meadville, 
Pennsylvania states that “drumming harnesses many elements in one enjoyable activity”
Three neurophysiological responses…
that Dr. Aurthur Harvey believes may be triggered by music!
Music is non-verbal. It can move through the auditory cortex directly to the center of
the limbic system, the midbrain network that governs most of our emotional
experiences as well as basic metabolic responses like body temperature, blood
pressure and hear rate.
Music may be able to activate flow of stored memory material across the corpus 
callosum, a collection of neurofibers connecting the left and right hemispheres of
the brain, helping the two work in harmony.
Music may be able to stimulate endorphins, neuropeptides, natural opiates 
secreted by the brain that produce a feeling akin to being in love. Just as running
can produce a “natural high” from the production of endorphins, so certain music 
(different for each individual) can produce these “feel-good” chemicals and reduce
pain intensity 
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